Breaking the Grid: Futurism

Hi, guys! I actually researched this movement for one of Alma’s presentations in her typography class. One of the founders of the Futurist Movement, F.T. Marinetti, wrote the Futurist Manifesto (the language is harsh but incredibly expressive), which can be found here. It is very relevant to our current project because, to Marinetti, the typographic grid represented a Western Classicism that had no place in their brave new world; he completely obliterated the grid in works like Zang Tumb Tumb, where he glorified his experience in a battle in the Balkans during WWI. If you get a chance, give him a quick Google search: he has a plethora of other grid-breaking work.


2 thoughts on “Breaking the Grid: Futurism

  1. pmgarcia27 says:

    I like the ‘stick it to the man’ attitude that is happening with all of the break the grid work. It’s interesting to think of the rules of design psychologically. I never really stop to consider what the things that I make may mean subconsciously, so it is always enlightening to me to see work that makes such a strong statement with something as simple as text placement. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I think that works of art with a reason behind them are great, even though everyone interprets everything differently. I know that this is one of my weak points, but I think it’s hard to put a meaning behind a lot of our school projects because we don’t necessarily relate to every, or even most, topics that are chosen. I also think that in a setting, such as school and especially our small classes, that it is much more difficult to put emotions into our work because we don’t want to get too personal with classmates.. If that makes sense…. Haha.


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